Tisima Aynu Aquarelle

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       Color:  f 03/Black tortie & white

Title:  Champion(TICA)

Date of Birth:  11/03/2012

Sire:  ICH(Assolux)Maximus

Dam:  Haya From Kurilian country

Breeder:  Natalia Sharipova   







Tisima Aynu Aquarelle

ICH(Assolux)Maximus/KBS n 03 22

CH(WCF)Sinatra Red/KBL d 22

ICH(WCF)Mitya/KBL n 03  Unknown 
Rysya/KBL f 22 ICH(WCF)Tigrash/KBL d 22
Uteha Kuril'skoe Sokrovische/KBL n 23 

Diana of Simushir Star/KBS n 02 

Gertsog Timoti of Simushir Star/KBL d 03 23  Barselon/KBL d 03 23
CH(WCF)Cirina/KBS n 03 
CH(WCF)Cirina/KBS n 03 CH(WCF)Romeo/KBS a 03 
Marsi/KBS f

Haya From Kurilian country/KBL d 02

CH(WCF)Natan From Kurilian country/KBL d 03 24

ICH(WCF)Vitiaz From Kunashir/KBL a 03

ICH(WCF)Kurilkatz Peppi Anri/KBL d 23

CH(WCF)Kurilkatz Peppi Alisa/KBL f 03

ICH(WCF)Betti/KBL d 02 



CH(WCF)Lariska From Kurilian country/KBL f 02 

CH(WCF)Klim Alexander-Fred/KBL n 02 

ICH(WCF)Ikar Gold Vodoley/KBL d 03 23

Dulsinea/KBS f 02

Arisha From Kurilian country/KBL d 03 24 

Ilia Alexander-Fred/KBL ds 03 22

ECH(WCF)Grusha Alexander-Fred/KBL f 03




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15/12/2012 TICA Moscow,Russia Crystal Asa Broing SP final 10th Best cat
16/12/2012 TICA Moscow,Russia  Crystal Asa Broing SP final 3rd Best cat